I had an Emotion Code session with Samantha to see if she could help me where other modalities had failed. I’ve been on a healing journey but I couldn’t seem to get anywhere with my back-pain 8/10 and insomnia 6/10. Sam released a lot of trapped emotions from my childhood to do with my mother being distant. I was dependent upon my older sister and when she left to get married my whole world fell apart. After the session my back pain was 1/10 and my insomnia was 1/10.

Stella D

I had severe lower back-pain which I rated as eight out of ten. I was also feeling depressed and overwhelmed with three young daughters and financial pressures. A friend gifted me an Emotion Code session. During the session, Sam released many trapped emotions that stemmed back to my childhood when I was sexually abused by my brother. After the session, I was amazed at how little back-pain I had. I can’t believe it’s almost gone! Wow! I felt so much lighter. I would say my pain went from a nine out of ten to, maybe a two out of ten. That’s so amazing! Thank you so much.’


I had insomnia for eight years which I rated at eight out of ten for severity. After one Emotion Code session where Sam released the trapped emotions of Unsupported and Overwhelmed from my childhood I had the best night’s sleep ever! It’s now a zero out of ten!

Liz W

I moved to Australia from England and I was feeling depressed and isolated, I was really missing my twin sister and I had a really mundane job. After one Emotion Code session with Samantha, I felt so much better about my life. Sam cleared a whole lot of Trapped Emotions, and right away I felt more confident I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse. 

Elly G

I was feeling sad anxious and lonely for no real reason and I had moved to a small country town because I had been bullied so much in my hometown that I couldn’t take it anymore. I rated my feelings of sadness and anxiety and my feelings of loneliness as 9/10.  Sam cleared so many emotions and the interesting thing was that lots of them were inherited from my father. This was something I had never heard of before. At the end of the session, I felt a lot lighter and more positive than I have ever felt. The next day I decided to move back to live with my mum and do a course in beauty therapy. All I can say is that the session was so worth the time and money and without it I would probably never have found out why I felt so sad and worthless all the time. 

Megan P

I had been trying to get pregnant for a few years, and the clock was ticking so I was starting to think that maybe I’m not meant to have a baby. When I first saw Samantha, I rated my inability to fall pregnant at nine out of ten. Samantha released lots of Trapped Emotions including Shame, Worthlessness, Unsupported, Grief and Sadness which occurred during my childhood. After the session I felt that my inability to get pregnant was now about a one out of ten. Samantha confirmed this with muscle-testing. Six weeks later I did a pregnancy test and it was positive. I just know it was Samantha that cleared all the blocks to my getting pregnant. I have a little girl now and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much.

Pete H

When I saw Sam for an Emotion Code session I was sceptical. My wife wanted me to have a session because she thought Sam could help me with my Acid Reflux. Sam asked me what I wanted to improve in my life. I told her I had severe Acid Reflux (7/10) tiredness (6/10) and I felt angry a lot of the time (9/10). I was amazed at what Sam was able to find out in the session just be asking my body yes and no answer questions. Sam found lots of trapped emotions mainly in my heart and stomach that got stuck there when I was abused as a kid. I was blown away when she identified the exact time these traumas happened to me and who was involved just with muscle testing. I didn’t say a word! There were emotions of panic shock betrayal rejection hatred anger bitterness and they were stuck in my stomach causing me to have reflux. After the session I noticed a huge change in how I felt. My reflux felt like 2/10 and my anger felt like 5/10 and my tiredness was 3/10. Sam said that the healing would continue for the next few days and weeks and I might feel a bit worse before I felt a lot better. She also said I might need a couple more sessions to get rid of those feelings altogether. I recommend anyone to put aside their disbelief and give this a try.

Kim M

My friend asked Samantha to help me when I was threatening to commit suicide. Samantha’s practice was an hour’s drive away, and I couldn’t leave the business I ran for very long, so Samantha did a phone session for me. I had recently learned that my husband having an affair, and he somehow manipulated the system and got custody of our children.  Then I was homeless, so I began a relationship with a volatile and violent man who I ran a back-packers’ hostel with. I was so desperate, I wanted to end my life. I rated my suicidal feelings as ten out of ten and my feelings of Depression at nine out of ten. Samantha released many trapped emotions from my childhood as well as more recent emotions relating to my abusive relationships. After the first session, my rating of my suicidal feelings went down to two out of ten and my depression was now four out of ten. Thank you so much Sammy, I can’t thank you enough. I prayed to God for help last night, and I believe you are the answer to my prayers. You really saved my life – quite literally. I really want to help other women in my situation now, I want to work with women in women’s shelters to help them get out of the cycle of abuse. Thank you Sam, and God bless you.

Susan M

As a child, I was the scapegoat in a dysfunctional family where my father saw girls as a liability. Although I’ve had a successful career in Nursing, I’ve struggled with feelings of low-self-worth. I don’t have any contact with my family of origin. I saw Samantha for help with insomnia which I rated at six out of ten. Samantha released so many trapped emotions from my childhood of abuse, I didn’t realise that events from so long ago could be effecting me so long after they happened. After one Emotion Code session, I said ‘Sammy, I feel so much lighter already. Thank you for taking the time to really listen and validate my feelings, I really appreciate it. I would give my insomnia a three out of ten now, that’s amazing.’


After being on the search for a healing modality that got to the core and heart of the matters I had been desiring to understand, it started to become something of a lost cause. I like many have tried so many different methods with very little if any changes along the way. Yet finally synchronicity played its part and I found Sam’s practice of the Emotion Code. I have to say this is what I have been searching for and WOW it has rocked my world. Sam got to the heart of what I didn’t understand and now I know why life has been out of balance. The key part to it all is Sam’s compassion, integrity and ability to listen with an open heart that cements the whole experience in such a powerful way. Thank you Sam for truly making a difference in my life. With love and light.

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