In-person and Distance Session

For face-to-face Emotion Code sessions or deep emotional healing with multiple modalities. Investment: $65 per session – includes report.
Distance Sessions by Proxy
For Emotion Code and deep emotional healing – when you don’t want to travel or you live too far away to travel. Investment: $65 per session. Your choice of Skype, Viber, telephone or email – includes report

Clearing Blocks to Success & Learning

For kids, teens and anyone wanting to improve their learning, or performance at sport or work. Investment: $65 per session – includes report, in person or at a distance

Pets and Domestic Animal Sessions

And you thought animals couldn’t talk! Now you can talk to your pets and find out what ails them. Investment: $65 per session – includes report – in person or at a distance.

Babies' & Kids' Sessions

Painlessly discover and clear the underlying cause of the illnesses your baby or child can’t tell you – such as unexplained crying, irritability, restlessness, reflux, growing pains, phobias. Investment: $55 per session – includes report


Body Mind Spirit Harmony services

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